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For more information about my Monday Night Acting class with The Actor's Lab Portland or private coaching, please contact or

call 310-770-0665.

  • I am excited to debut my new theater piece "Miss Ethnic Non-Specific" as part of the Lunch Reading series and Fertile Ground at Artists Rep on Monday, January 23rd at 12:00 p.m. - Link here!
  •  I am proud to have been one of the acting coaches working with Cast Iron Studios on this year's Talent Diversity Initiative!
  • Voiced character for Ernest Packaging - Link here!
  • Voiced spot for the Hoosier Lottery - Cats vs. Dogs - Link here!
  • Preparing to film additional scenes for the SAG indie web series "The Exceptionals"

Latest News - January, 2017

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Actress  •  Voiceover  •  Acting Coach  •  (SAG-AFTRA) 

Happy New Year all!

I'm excited for some new creative projects in the pipeline - first up "Miss Ethnic Non-Specific" - my new theatre piece!

"Kristina Haddad's work amazes me. Her performances are moving and memorable.She gives it her all and her commitment to truth really sounds."

- David Kirkpatrick - (Former President Paramount Pictures) 

“Kristina Haddad is a devoted artist herself and understands so well what can make or break you in the business, with her tools, an actor can really grow. Working with her will remind you of why you love your craft!"

- Necar Zadegan, Actress (Series Regular Fox TV’s “Emily Owens M.D.”, "Rake" and “24”)

"Acting coach Kristina Haddad is one of the best I've come across in the US, and as one who coaches acting privately myself, I'm naturally picky. She's the teacher's teacher - she has an expert eye, geared towards getting the most truthful, spontaneous performance out of an actor possible. Her feedback is candid, kind, specific, imaginative and intuitively on the mark."

- Brynn Baron, Actress ("Leverage" "Monster Squad")                        

"Kristina Haddad is the real deal - an incredible acting coach and actor. Working with Kristina, you'll be guaranteed a chance to hone your craft with the best, but also learn the business of acting from a seasoned actress."

-  Kate Ward (Owner - The Ward Agency, Los Angeles)